Ways to Be Physically Active and Improve Your Happiness

Physical activity is a funny thing. It is hard to get motivated to do it, but once you do it, you usually feel great. Setting up a routine that ensures physical activity is a great way to start. It is also important to find activities that you like. Here are a few activities you can consider.

Be Physically Active

Take a hike. When was the last time you took a hike alone? Though you might think your stresses would appear (and they do in the beginning), the very act of walking in nature calms your thinking. Revel in it.

Climb a tree. If you have never climbed an oak tree that is over 100 years old, it is incredibly life giving. You can almost feel the wisdom and experience of the tree in your arms and legs as you climb.I encountered an ant when I was climbing and saw the ant’s life in a whole new way.

Exercise. Find some form of exercise that appeals to you and try it out. Set a goal of three times a week, make a set schedule to exercise, and do it. Repeat weekly. I find that what prevents me from keeping a routine is missing one day. Forgive yourself for missing. Treating each week as an exercise set helps. If you only get two out of three days, you know you can easily do three out of three days the next week.

Take a walk. And take the walk not to exercise, not to think, not to watch, but to be. This is walking for the sake of walking.

Take a walk with a best friend. The conversation you have on walks is so different than in any other setting. Though you are moving, time seems to slow down. Your head begins to clear. And you are able to think and talk about problems in a much clearer way, as if the outcome is not as traumatic or dramatic as you thought while you were in the moment. You can almost view the problem as if it is not your own.

Stretch. Develop a stretching routing for the morning. Your after just two days your body will start to crave for stretching. Your muscles do not like to be tight and you will find yourself stretching more without even meaning to.

Learn yoga postures and routines. I’ve found that even just five minutes of yoga in the morning creates a deeper focus for my day. Learning Salute to the Sun is one of the best ways to begin doing yoga.

Learn tai chi movements. The mindful movements can have great stress-relieving capabilities. The Mayo Clinic has a few pages elaborating the benefits of Tai chi.

Dance, by yourself or with a friend or lover. Dancing is fun and intimate at the same time. My wife and I like to turn music on in the living room and dance for ourselves. Dancing allows you to enter into the present moment and focus on the movement of your body and the movement of anther’s body. You move in concert with each other and feel great afterwards.

Play your favorite sport. Baseball, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, running, swimming; these are all great mood boosters. Take the time to figure out a way to play and play!

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