Ways to Find Happiness

101 Ways You Can Find Happiness eBook

Happiness is a great thing to have but can be hard to find. And we often look in all the wrong places.

This short ebook gives some great bits of wisdom on happiness. You can read one a day or read the whole book at once. It’s up to you.

Some of these happiness ideas you can do right now. Others might make you think for a bit.

Here are some sample ideas for happiness.

Happiness in the Home

14. Clean your home (house, apartment, condo, etc.). Though the initial cleaning isn’t always much fun (or maybe you love it), the feeling you’ll have afterwards will be great.

Simplify Your Life

34. Throw things out. Throwing out physical things doesn’t end there. It tends to allow you to clear mental space, too.

Take the Time to Be Happy

40. Don’t be late. Open your schedule and let in the day. You will find it refreshing that no one expects you to be anywhere. You will delight people as the time you spend with them is carefree and unhurried.

101 Ways You Can Find Happiness eBook

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