Take Time to Be Happy

If you never seem to have enough time, you are not alone. You probably hear people say things like, “I wish I had more time”, “If I only had more time”, “I would need extra hours in the day”.

All of these ideas suggest that time is out of our control, but really, we make choices all day long about what to do with our time. We need to  learn to be happy with the choices we make. We can only do so much and doing doing more is not necessarily better.

Here are some ideas for you:

Take the Time to Be Happy

Don’t be late. Open your schedule and let in the day. You will find it refreshing that no one expects you to be anywhere. You will delight people as the time you spend with them is carefree and unhurried.

Stay up late. Let time get away from you and enjoy the present moment. This often happens with good friends and good drinks.

Sit on your porch. And just sit. You may have seen elderly folks sitting for hours on their porch. There is a certain wisdom in sitting. It allows you to see the world as it moves, but also allows you to reflect at the same time.

Sit in a covered spot and watch the rain. Rain is a natural reflection opportunity that we often don’t recognize. Rain has an infinite number of patterns in it and calms our brain. Pitter, patter, goes the rain.

Breathe deeply and pause for a moment. Do this especially when you are starting to feel the stress of “too many things to do”.

Would you like more ideas? Check out 101 Ways You Can Find Happiness.

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