Silly Tooth Loss Dream Sequence

101 Silly Ways to Pull Your Loose Tooth

These are some silly ways to pull a loose tooth my kids and I dreamed up over a weekend. We hope you enjoy them!

Silly Tooth Loss

1. Buy some tooth-be-gone. If you can’t find any, say, “Tooth be gone” five times fast. Then pull the tooth out with your fingers.

2. Fall down on the grass and roll around. Keep your mouth closed though so you don’t lose your tooth in the grass.

3. Find something that makes you sneeze. Sniff it and sneeze out your tooth. Make sure no one is standing in front of you.

4. Jump up and down with your mouth open.

5. Look in the mirror and imagine your mouth without the tooth. Blink your eyes three times. The tooth should be gone.

6. Look in the mirror and tell your tooth it better come out or you’ll have to pull it out.

7. Make a wish when you see a shooting star. Wish, “Tooth, fly on out of my mouth like that star.”

8. Paint your loose tooth black and pretend it isn’t there.

9. Pull out a non-loose tooth and make the loose tooth feel jealous.

10. Shake your head around a bit with your mouth pointing toward the ground.

11. Sing a song about teeth and then pull it out at the end.

12. Stick a stamp on your tooth. Write the address of a friend in small letters on the tooth. Stand at your mailbox and tell the mail carrier he or she needs to deliver your tooth, and just your tooth.

13. Tell the loose tooth that if it falls out you will give it a cut of the money.

14. WWMDD – Ask, “What would my dentist do?” Do what he or she would do.

101 Silly Ways to Pull Your Loose Tooth

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