How to Improve Your Attitude and Find Some Happiness

Having the right attitude in life can make all the difference. Read the inspiring thoughts below and make some simple changes in your attitude today. You’ll feel better for it!

How to Improve Your Attitude

1. Start your day with a smile. Seemingly simple, this mindful and physical act really will brighten your day.

2. Smile for a day. Making a conscious effort to smile will brighten the day of all that you encounter. In effect, your smile will radiate out into the world through the people you meet.

3. Smile for a week. Do this as a simple experiment and see how you feel. The connection between your physical self and mental self is real. The physical act of smiling will make you feel happier.

4. Choose great books to read with abandon. There is no shortage of great books, only a shortage of the time you need to read them. Visit your local library and you can choose whatever books suit your fancy.

5. Praise people. Be specific in this praise. Say, “I liked the way you…”. Or, “I bet that took a lot of time and effort.” Or, “That small detail (name the detail) made all the difference”. Notice, this is not a simple “Good job!”. This type of praise involves more thought about the specific action, idea, or effort you appreciated.

6. Apologize. Most people have some apologies that were never made. And it is never too late to make them. There is weight that unsaid apologies bring your life. Lift the weight and apologize.

7. If you can’t apologize, forgive yourself. This is one of the hardest things to do, to truly forgive yourself! What would it even feel like, to forgive yourself?

8. Watch the funniest TV show you know. The best part about a comedy is that the only parts that stay with you are the funniest parts. You know it was a good show when you find yourself laughing out loud to yourself. Thinking of the show is a great way to lighten your day.

9. Listen in conversation. Most times we wait for breaks in a conversation to express our own thoughts and how the conversation thread relates to our own life. Try instead to simply listen. Listening allows you to gain insight into how someone else sees the world. Hold back on your judgement and what you think. Allow the other speaker’s thoughts to become your own for a few minutes. Understanding someone’s point of view like this is very enriching.

10. Find flow activities. You do this by determining what you most love to do. What activity makes you lose track of time and your bodily comfort (like forgetting to eat)? What activity gives you the most sense of satisfaction? Flow is that state of timelessness and deep satisfaction in which life’s purpose seems most rich and rewarding and apparent. Read more about flow on Wikipedia or read the original book.

11. Dress up. It feels good to put on your best clothes and go out. Know that your worth as a person is incredible. Celebrate your living with clothes to match.

12. Write an inspirational speech for the world. What would you say to the world if you had a chance to inspire everyone?  Write down the words and let your own thoughts change your action.

13. Forgive. Forgiveness is not just for saints. As hard as it is for me to forgive people, I always feel better when I do. Forgiving someone often means looking at the world from his or her perspective, not your own. If we insist on our point of view and rightness, we will miss an opportunity for forgiveness. And when we don’t forgive, we prevent future happiness from occurring.

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