Food Will Get Out Your Loose Tooth

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There are many times you hope your tooth won’t come while you are eating, but it can happen. Why not take advantage of that situation? Check out these funny ways to use food to help get your tooth out.

Food Will Get Out Your Loose Tooth

26. Apply sugar packs to your tooth. Let it rot out.

27. Brush your teeth. When your tooth comes out it will probably be very bloody.

28. Eat a bagel. Make sure to put cream cheese on the bagel first.

29. Eat a peach.

30. Eat an apple. Make sure not to eat the part of the apple that contains your tooth.

31. Eat some really stick taffy. Make sure it sticks to your teeth. Try not to swallow your tooth as it is pulled out by the taffy.

32. Eat toast for breakfast. Cover it in sticky homemade jam.

33. Find your favorite fork. Pry your tooth out, carefully.

101 Silly Ways to Pull Your Loose Tooth

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