Find a Tooth Friend

At some point in life you might need a tooth friend. Below are some funny ways to lose a loose tooth with your friend. My two sons and I thought up these tricks during a time when each of them were losing their teeth. Enjoy and let us know your own funny teeth tricks in the comments!

Find a Tooth Friend

  1. Call a friend on the telephone. Ask him or her to tell your tooth to fall out.
  2. Find a friend who plays drums. Tie one end of a string to your tooth and the other end to his or her drumstick. As him or her to play the In A Godda Da Vida drum solo.
  3. Go to a tooth pulling contest. If you can’t find one, have your own and invite your friends.
  4. Have your friend pull it out, but make sure he understands he doesn’t get a cut of the money.
  5. Tell your tooth your friends have already lost their loose teeth. Make your tooth feel inadequate. Insist it is OK to cave into peer pressure.

101 Silly Ways to Pull Your Loose Tooth

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