Connect to Nature for Happiness

There are many simple ways to connect to nature and instill happiness in your life. Read these 11 simple ways you can connect to nature.

Nature Connection

Stand outside in the dark night and listen to the wind.

Ask a friend for a house plant. Taking care of a houseplant is a gentle reminder to care for living things.

Plant a tree. Often recommended, we should plant trees because they will outlive us. A tree reminds us to care for future generations. Planting a tree has no immediate benefit to us and can take us out of our usual consume for the moment mindset.

Make and throw snowballs. This is both fun and exhilarating. Packing snow into your hands might remind you of your childhood and the fun you had with snow. Allow yourself to enjoy this time like a child.

Walk barefoot on your lawn. The grass between your toes provides a connection to the earth that isn’t available through the soles of your shoes.

Go for a long drive by your self with no destination in mind. Find a park or other green space area to get out and walk around. Enjoy the fresh air, breeze, sun. Feel the pulse of your body.

Watch the sunrise. Sitting calmly in the morning can set the tone for your entire day.

Watch the sunset. Make sure you have time to watch with nothing else to worry about. Time moves slowly as the sunsets and the color changes remind us that we are not in control of the world. A humble and happy experience.

Take photographs of nature. Trying to capture the beauty of nature sharpens your senses and insists that you pay attention to the wonder around you. Nature is also incredibly active, but does not seem so until you take time to watch. The human-created world changes much more quickly and creates a constant low-level stress. Think of driving a car and the stress is brings. Slowing down to watch the beauty of nature and capture a moment of it brings a healthy new speed and perspective to your mind and body.

Watch a river. Even better, get in the river. The moving water brings a sense of peace to your thinking. Watching a river is an exercise in recognizing the contradiction that life seems both static and dynamic all at once. Reflect upon how living in the present moment brings these two ideas together.

Go to the mountains and hang out. The grounding mountains bring to your mind is amazing. There is majesty in the mountains and they help make your problems seem smaller.

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