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101 Ways to Enjoy Coffee eBook

Coffee is hard not to love. It seems to be what motivates the working world to get up in the morning.
You might love it as much as I do, my brother does, or your best friend does.
But have you considered the humor that can surround drinking coffee? Brighten your day and read through some of these funny coffee ideas.

Enjoy the Coffee Humor!

  1. Freeze your coffee into cubes shaped like snowmen; pop in mouth as needed.
  2. Sip through a gold twisty straw.
  3. Enjoy steamy hot with a twist of jazz.
  4. Drink with a wallaby.
  5. Sip your coffee suspiciously behind a curtain while friends are watching American Idol.
  6. Vaporize the coffee with lasers and inhale.
  7. Sip slowly, giving the coffee the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Drink while discussing Elvis’s role in the death of Kim Jung Ill.
  9. Try to drink running backwards through a mall fountain.
  10. Sip while a wafting melody of better days drifts over you from the street musicians.
  11. Guzzle Ironically, while wearing a Beret and complaining loudly about the texture of your scone.
  12. Get your fix Injected straight into your big toe.
  13. Sip discretely during an occupy Starbucks rally.
  14. Coffee Cake is for amateurs… enjoy your coffee pie!
  15. Have a coffee splash fight.
  16. Drink while trying your hardest not to contract swine flu.
  17. Hold your cup as a legend would enjoy a statue of honor.
  18. Drink it retroactively.
  19. Chew the beans directly while stating “Mmm, just like grandma used to brew in the nursing home.”
  20. Sip it underwater doing your best impression of mermaid.. or mer-man .

Did you enjoy these coffee thoughts? Check out the eBook “101 Ways to Enjoy Coffee”.

101 Ways to Enjoy Coffee eBook

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