9 Ways to Connect with Your Family, Friends, and Community

Connection is important. You can see this with the incredible use of social media in our lives. We crave connection. But social isn’t always the best way to make and keep these connections. Check out some ideas below on how to grow your connections with your family friends, and community.

Connect with Your Family, Friends, and Community

  1. Call your brother or sister. Connecting with a sibling can bring immediate happiness, but building that relationship will also provide long-term happiness. Siblings share a special bond that can’t be found elsewhere.
  2. Call your mom or dad. They love to hear from you but you are probably too busy to call them. Even the mundane details of your life lets them know you are doing OK. And if you are doing great, they would love to hear that too.
  3. Waste time with those you love. The Little Prince reminds us of this when he says, “”It’s the time you waste on your rose that makes your rose so important.”” Who do you waste time on? (Read “The Little Prince”.)
  4. Watch a loved one sleep. The peaceful nature of sleep will calm your own mind.
  5. Make breakfast for friends and loved ones. Waking up to a meal made with love is a great way to start the day.
  6. Make dinner for friends and loved ones. The time and care that goes into making a meal is a true expression of love and brings happiness to all.
  7. Hang out with your grandparents. Their experience and wisdom is something you can cherish and learn from.
  8. Attend a wedding. Weddings are one of the most happy events in anyone’s life. When you go to a wedding, be present to the wedding. It is one great party and reminds you that life is good.
  9. Get to know your neighbors. We often have good intentions for changing the world for the better, but forget about the people we live closest to. It is risky to get to know your neighbors. What if they have a different religion, political view, etc.? Finding out not only strengthens your relationships but gives you space to reflect on the common human situation we all share.

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