5 Simple Ways to Cultivate Generosity in Your Life

Generosity helps the person you are generous to and it also helps you. Everyone feels good. Take some time over the next week and try these five simple ways to be generous.

Generosity in Your Life

16. Tip large. Leaving an unexpectedly large tip and without waiting to see the reaction of the waiter or waitress is exhilarating. You made someone’s night without any thought to the return it might bring you.

17. Donate money to a cause you believe in. The act of giving money away acknowledges the goodness of the work other people do and forces you to look at the health of your community and world.

18. Make a gift for a friend or family member. Though you may not immediately think of something you can make, there are many things you could do. Start a quick list of possibilities and you will find yourself drawn to one or two of the them. First, get the materials you need. Get that out of the way and don’t dwell on the actual making. Once you have the materials, set them out where you will see them. Then make time to begin.

19. Share some of your abundance. Recognizing our own abundance can be very difficult. We all have abundance somewhere in our life, whether it be money, time, things, expertise, etc. What you have in abundance, share with others. The act of sharing makes the world a better place for each person.

20. Volunteer to serve those in need. Our lives often seem hectic and most people worry about money and their other needs. Taking time to recognize that many people are less fortunate than you increases your ability to be happy with your own life. It also gives you insight into how society’s problems affect real people.

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