3 Simple Ways to Reflect

Reflection seems like it takes a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to. Just set aside 5 minutes and let your thoughts pore out. You may find out that some great ideas were floating right near your conscious mind but they won’t come out until you give yourself some time for reflection.

Here are some ideas for you.

3 Simple Ways to Reflect

Write. This can take many forms. Sometimes just writing out all of the things you carry around in your head can be freeing. Our mind is not good at remembering many little details. It prefers to dwell on bigger issues. Paper is much better at holding on to details. And then you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Once you get past this type of writing, sometimes larger life questions and answers start to appear. Write some more and you might find a bit of happiness in the details.

Make a bucket list, a list of those things you would love to do before you die. Reflecting on you own mortality is often a great way to put life in perspective and figure out what truly brings oh happiness.

Pay attention to the peaks and valleys in life. We tend to focus on how hard the climb up is but forget to enjoy the top when we get there. We also tend not to notice when things are going well on the downhill. Train yourself to notice the high points in your life and appreciate them when you arrive.

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